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Article: Adapted Equipment Options - From Ask Dr. Marion

Adapted Equipment Options

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  1. Adapted Equipment Options

By Dr. Marion Somers, Ph. D., Ask Dr. Marion

QUESTION: I keep hearing about "adapted equipment" but I'm not sure how it can help me. Is there any "adapted equipment" that you recommend? Kenny in Kansas, 77

ANSWER: "Adapted equipment" is a group of practical products that allow the elderly population to live a more independent life. I'm talking about high curved bowls, and large handle eating utensils that help prevent food spills. There are also modified "sippy" cups that prevent liquid from spilling. Anything that can be done to maintain dignity and independence should be done. Even a reaching prong can help to prevent going up on a ladder.

Most accidents happen in the bathroom, so I always add grab bars in my client's showers and tubs. I also affix non-slip strips to the bottom of the showers and tubs to prevent dangerous falls. Call a plumber or surgical supply store to install higher toilet seats as well as grab bars near the toilet. I often buy a sturdy plastic chair for my clients so they can sit comfortably in the shower. Any way you can make life easier should be explored.

As an ongoing precaution, I also buy and install nightlights. Having a little bit of light at night can really ease a trip to the bathroom or refrigerator. The best way to deal with any problems that arise due to aging is to be proactive. So try to install these before the need has materialized. The sooner something is installed, the easier the transition is when it's actually needed.


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