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2014 ADRC Systems Integration Grant (SIG) Conference


Presentations from the 2014 ADRC Systems Integration Grant (SIG) Conference.


Exploring GeorgiaCares

How to Effectively Use Data to Market Services

Click Here to download an excel spread sheet with links to the Tableau demographic dashboards. 

Is Your Disaster Plan A Disaster?

Home Care Ombudsman: A New Advocacy Role

But Why?: Critical Thinking Using Data and Decision Support Strategies

Linked documents and tutorials in the presentation:

Click Here to download an excel spread sheet with links to the Tableau demographic dashboards. 

Vlookup formula instructions in top left of the "Integrating Data Sources" slide.  Double click the individual pictures to zoom in and scroll up and down on the mouse wheel to zoom in and out to progress through the steps. The data used in the example is available Here, and on the "SIG AGID Population Example" slide.

Pivot Tables instructions are in the top right corner of the "Pivot Tables in Excel" slide. The data link for the example is on the same slide and included Here.

Using the data provided for the SIG AGID Population Example above, you can upload the data into Tableau after download and start playing.  The finished example for basics using the SIG AGID Population Example is available Here. You can click the <- button on the bottom of the screen of the link to export the data and images in different formats. You do not need to download the software to view the link.  Any web browser will work, including a mobile one.

Link to download Tableau Public 8.2  


A Look at Affordable Telephone Support Programs for Serving Persons with Dementia and Caregivers

A Look at Affordable Telephone Support

River Valley Telephone Reassurance Manual

How to Implement Manual


Recovery Based Philosophy and Peer Support Whole Health Initiative

What's Right With You?: Foundations For Community Recovery!

Peer Supported Whole Health & Wellness


Moving Forward: Addressing At-Risk Adult Abuse at the Local Level

Tired of Being Compassionate? There's a Reason

HCBS Case Management: Supervisors in Action

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